Celebrating the von Trapp musicians who inspired the musical The Sound of Music 

Their Musical Significance

From 1934-1956, the von Trapps sang in over 2,000 performances, in venues ranging from high school auditoriums to iconic concert halls, bringing joy and comfort to over 3 million people throughout 30 countries. They were famous in their own day, a household name, with the distinction as ​"the most booked attraction in US history". The family's story was later the inspiration for the play and movie, The Sound of Music.​​  To learn more about the development and timeline of the von Trapp's musical career, visit:​

Collecting Your Story​

We are asking people to share their memories, photos, letters, articles, playbills, etc. related to the Trapp Family Musicians, Trapp Family Music Camp, Trapp Family Artists, and Trapp Family Austrian Relief, Inc.. ​To learn more on how you, or someone you know, can add to the von Trapp musician's historical record, visit:

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Remembering the von Trapp Family

An Inspiring Legacy

Collecting Stories and Items

It is important not to forget the von Trapp family's important role in 20th century music history and post-World War II humanitarian aid. Therefore, we are undertaking a global outreach to collect and archive information, stories, and items, related to the von Trapp musicians and artists, their 2,000+ concert performances, and post-World War II humanitarian work.

​"The whole past is the procession of the present."  -Thomas Carlyle, British historian and essayist

von Trapp Family, 1939, U.S.A.

Photo: Courtesy of von Trapp family

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