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vonTrapp.org  is a project of the nonprofit, the Georg & Agathe Foundation.

Founded by descendants, the foundation honors the heritage of Baron Captain Georg von Trapp and Agathe Gobertina Whitehead, parents to the first seven von Trapp children portrayed in the play and movie, The Sound of Music. The foundation's work is in memory of Georg and Agathes’ families' legacies in music, art, humanitarianism, and multi-culturalism, as well as their historic merits and ‘they who embraced and shared as a matter of course’. 

The Georg & Agathe Foundation's hope is to spread some goodness in the world. Their mission is to give back  and preserve and share history. They concentrate on three focus areas, to: champion music and art, promote connection, and archive and educate.​​ 

​To learn more about our parent nonprofit, visit: www.georgandagathe.org

 Celebrating the von Trapp musicians who inspired the musical The Sound of Music